Breaking News: Female “Palestinian” terrorist stabbing innocent Israelis

Breaking News August, 12th, 2017 [11:43 |AM] This morning, near the Damascus Gate light rail station in Jerusalem, a 60-year-old female “Palestinian” terrorist pulled out a large knife and attempted to stab a Jewish man walking next to her. He managed to escape her attack so she turned her attention to a second victim, another … Continue reading “Breaking News: Female “Palestinian” terrorist stabbing innocent Israelis”

Namer: The IDF’s Workhorse APC

This is what we call a safe ride! Namer (Hebrew: נמ”ר‎‎, pronounced [nameʁ]), means “leopard” and also a syllabic abbreviation of “Nagmash” (APC) and “Merkava” is an Israeli armored personnel carrier based on a Merkava Mark IV tank chassis. Namer was developed by and is being assembled by the Israeli Ordnance Corps. They are more … Continue reading “Namer: The IDF’s Workhorse APC”